Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Medieval Studies HIST 398 Internship - Summer 2016

Working with a faculty director and Loyola’s Division of Facilities Management, help to design and implement improvements and expansions of Loyola’s Medieval Garden or Labyrinth.

There are many directions your research and project may take you, e.g.:

* research plants and varieties to be planted in the vegetable or flower gardens this spring, track down heirloom varieties, plant and maintain garden;

* research and implement recreation of the Labyrinth in a more permanent medium (brick and mosaic);

* develop didactic materials or presentations for different audiences (public, preschool, students…);

* liase with Environmental or Sustainability groups on campus, Farmers Markets;

* help design and construct terraces, fencing, trellises, sculpture or other medieval style “hardscape” for the garden;

* design and mount permanent website(s) for Garden and Labyrinth linked to LUC’s Medieval Studies; incorporate earlier students’ research and add your own.

Contact Dr Gross-Diaz if you are interested

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