Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fischer Farm Internship

Learn firsthand the techniques and practices of the public historian.  Fischer Farm provides the environment of both an historic site and a museum with a small archival collection.  Here, an intern will be able to experience all aspects of working in a museum while being able to make a lasting contribution to the ongoing work at Fischer Farm. 

An intern would be responsible for completing specific tasks designated at the outset of the internship. This would include becoming familiar with the basic history of the family and the farm itself. The intern would be responsible for providing tours of the site on occasion. Additionally, the intern would have the opportunity to process a small collection related to the Milwaukee Road Railroad line. This would entail examining what is in the collection, organizing the materials, and creating finding aids. Assistance with other museum duties including accessioning, exhibit design, and event planning would be included. It is also possible for an intern to complete a specific project for the site. The specific topic as well as the scope of this project are to be approved by the curator of the site and the student’s advisor. 

Duties: The intern must be familiar with or become familiar with accessioning process a collection and create finding aids assist in research assist with exhibit planning assist with exhibit design conduct tours assist with the planning of events publicizing events able to lift 30lbs. The intern would report to the curator of Fischer Farm during the time of the internship. 

Fischer Farm, 16 W. 680 Old Grand Avenue, is located at the corner of Church Road and Grand Avenue in the southwest corner of the Village of Bensenville. Bensenville is a near northwest suburb located along the west and south sides of O’Hare Airport. 

All necessary paperwork for the internship would be completed through the Bensenville Park District. For more information or to apply, please email Jonathan Sebastian at

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