Thursday, August 25, 2016

Internships at the Pritzker Military Library

The Pritzker Military Museum & Library seeks dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic volunteers, interns, and employees who share a passion for preserving the story of the Citizen Soldier. Great opportunities are available working with World War I collections, updating Wikipedia entries, photographing rare books and sheet music, and more!

Internships are available for the following:

Hunter Collection Intern:  Under the guidance of a mentor, the Hunter Collection Intern will be organizing, cataloging, and possibly scanning posters, photographs, artifacts, and other special collection materials from the World War I Hunter Collection.

Wikipedia & Linked Data Projects Intern: This intern will take key subjects in which the library has extensive and unique holdings and update the references section of those Wikipedia encyclopedia entries with ISBNs of books from the Library’s collection or other appropriate links on those topics so that when potential patrons click on those links they are referred to the Library as a resource on that topic.

Rare Books & Sheet Scores Intern: This intern will photograph rare books, sheet music, and other items stored in the Rare Book Room, transfer those images to the website and catalog, identify items which need conservation, and update the item records in OCLC as needed.

Photograph Metadata Intern:  The Photograph Metadata Student Intern will work under the mentorship of the Special Collections Librarian to update metadata in WMS and CONTENTdm for the Museum & Library’s collection of 2,500+ photographs. This work will be done at the Museum & Library’s remote facility located in the North Center Neighborhood.

2016 Collection Management Intern:  Under the guidance of a mentor, the Collection Management Intern will help to physically relocate items to new shelving location, locate items from a list, and work in the ILS system to update item records.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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