Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intern with a History Faculty Member this Spring Semester!

Did you know that you can work as a research intern on a faculty member’s project and earn course and the engaged learning credit? Several History faculty members have ongoing projects that they welcome undergraduates to participate in through a mentored internship experience.

To give you a sample of the range of experiences currently available:

  • Professor Theresa Gross-Diaz is looking for intern(s) who want to explore the possibility of reconstructing the labyrinth in the Medieval Garden behind Crown Center in mosaic. This internship offers the chance to learn about the entire process of doing an historical installation. This includes researching materials and installation processes, potential hazards, image sources (bestiaries etc), selection of a few dozen feasible images, scouting where at Loyola we might have the facilities for composing the image units, write up a compelling proposal, and so on. If interested, email Professor Gross-Diaz (
  • Since 1995, Prof. Timothy Gilfoyle has conducted oral history interviews with most of the recipients of the Making History Awards, given annually by the Chicago History Museum (CHM) to Chicagoans whose enduring contributions to the city and metropolitan region made them figures of historic importance. Professor Gilfoyle is looking for interns interested in processing the interviews, creating an index and finding aid for future researchers, receiving training in working with oral history materials, improving their writing skills, and learning about Chicago and American history. If interested, email Professor Gilfoyle (
  • Professor Bucholz is looking for interested students who would like to intern on his important Database of Court Officers, 1660-1837. Intern(s) would help transcribe the officers of the court at a specific time period from rare primary sources, research the lives and careers of particular individuals, and learn more about Stuart and Hanoverian England. If interested, email Professor Bucholz (
  • Professor Dossey needs an intern to help her with her history of sleep research. This would involve reading through ancient Latin or Greek novels and hagiography (in English translation) and taking notes on any references to the timing of everyday activities (when people ate, worked, slept, bathed, had sex, etc.) as well as to descriptions of bedroom space. Students should have the ability to read carefully for indirect evidence in primary sources. If interested, email Professor Dossey (
Students are also encouraged to email faculty who research is of interest to them directly and inquire if there they have any opportunities available.  General questions about research internships should be addressed to Professor Kyle Roberts (

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