Sunday, April 7, 2013

Internships Working with Faculty

Internship opportunity to research the 50th anniversary of the Feminine Mystique - Fall 2013.  The Feminine Mystique intern will work with Professor Michelle Nickerson ( to develop a blog for the November 2013 Symposium at the Newberry Library commemorating the 50th Anniversary of this path-breaking book by feminist Betty Friedan.  Work will include acquisition of visual (historical and contemporary), printed (historical), audio, and possibly video materials to post on this blog about symposium presenters and their research that relates to the Feminine Mystique.

Internship opportunity to research women’s peace camps - Summer or Fall 2013.  Professor Prudence Moylan ( is looking for an intern to work with her documenting and interpreting women's peace camps, an important social movement history. In the 1980s women’s peace camps were created to protest nuclear weapons in Britain, the United States, Canada and Italy. These locations and events have provoked discussion and new initiatives among historians and other scholars about where to look for the documentation and how to interpret the significance of these innovative approaches to protest and political action, specifically by women.  Professor Moylan is researching the available documentation on the internet including that which is immediately available and information on documentation available in archives or personal holdings that have not been digitized. She is presenting a paper on Greenham Common Peace Camp at a conference in October and planning to develop the paper into a longer essay comparing and contrasting women’s peace camps. A student intern would work with her on identifying sources through research on the internet.  They would work together to establish how to organize the material. The student intern will provide reports on sources available with short annotations. In their periodic meetings they will discuss the theoretical frameworks that best support interpretation of these events. Some common readings will provide a basis for contextualizing the project.

Opportunities are also available to work on the Jesuit Libraries Project and the Bicentennial of theJesuit Restoration Project.  Students interested in the history of Loyola, Chicago, or Jesuit History to work on the 2014 LUMA Exhibition and Conference commemorating the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Jesuits.  Possible internship projects include researching the early history of Cudahy Library or working on the extensive paintings of Native Americans by nineteenth-century Jesuit missionary Nicholas Point.  Contact Professor Stephen Schloesser ( or Professor Kyle Roberts ( for more information.

Check back for more internship opportunities!

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