Monday, December 10, 2012

Internship at the Button Museum

Chris Klein at the Button Museum is looking for an intern to help with digitizing, cataloging and contextualizing the museum's growing collection of over 6,000 historic buttons. Siblings Joel and Christen Carter, owners of the successful Busy Beaver Button Company and avid collectors of historically significant buttons, founded the museum in 2011. Since then the Button Museum has become an institutional member of both the American Alliance of Museums and Illinois Association of Museums. The museum is located at 3279 W. Armitage Avenue in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

It is a very exciting project and we are looking to recruit students to work with us. Students would gain valuable, unique and specialized experience researching, describing, digitizing and cataloging these important historical artifacts. Students would be developing our Digital Archive using Photoshop to capture and edit images and Drupal as our Content Management System. Students would also be asked to carry out research to provide historical context for the buttons. Students will be adding this content to the website and will be able to demonstrate their proficiencies to potential employers. It is a very unique opportunity for the right student.

Interested students should contact Chris Klein (

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