Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Introducing the Summer Session Interns, Part II

As Summer Session B and hot weather settles on Chicago, undergraduate History majors have taken up internships across the country.  In library stacks, on archaeological sites, and in collections storerooms, students are working with history-trained professionals putting the critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills that they learned in Loyola classrooms to work.  I invite you to read about their experiences on their blogs.

Archaeological digs have drawn Emily Bolte to a Native American site in Newton, Ohio as an intern for the Cincinnati Museum Center and Francesco Mancini to Hualcayán, Peru.  Emilie Stallman has been busy sorting artifacts discovered at an earlier dig and cataloguing textiles at the Ramsey County Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.  At the Pritzker Military Library, AdamStirling has been developing a tour script for an exhibition that coincided with the NATO Summit.  He has also been alternating between hot and cold climes, in his mind at least, while constructing bibliographies on World War II arctic warfare and North African campaigns.  Navigating the vicissitudes of Facebook and other social media while also researching grants is offering ChrisKaraskiewicz a taste of the reality of running a twenty-first century non-profit institution at the National Veteran’s Art Museum.

You can also continue to follow the experiences of students who began their internships back during Summer Session A.  Brooke Frazier at the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts in Santa Ana, Elizabeth Hanson at Historic Milwaukee, Inc., Cady Holmes in Loyola’s Women and Leadership Archives, Joe Karamanski at the First Division Museum at Cantigny, and Joe Ridenour at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum have blogged about solving challenging problems and learning new skills while contributing valuable work to their host institutions.

Finally, as much as I hate to admit it, the fall semester will be upon us before we know it.  Now is the time to start thinking about fall internships. Visit the undergraduate internship page for more information about the internship program and where students have interned in the past.  The registration process is simple: download and fill out an application, approach an institution of interest about internship possibilities, and when you agree on a project, download and submit a signed contract by the end of the day on Thursday of the first week of class. Need more information?  Email me (

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